Loyal Relationships

Building relationships takes time, and the ones we have with clients are special.   We recognize the confidence you place upon us and we take our role very seriously.  After all, we view our relationship together as a lifelong alliance.

During the past financial crisis, we all witnessed the misalignment of interests across big brokers, advisors and clients; big firms let down their clients and also their advisors. Our clients told us that they greatly appreciated the way we conducted business, but were discouraged with the firm that employed us. We evaluated our affiliation with our current firm, and it was clear that there was a better way to serve our clients. Establishing Ethos Private Wealth answered our clients’ call and ours together.

  • Old Approach
  • Selling Products & Services
  • Professional Sellers of Securities
  • Charging Transactional Fees
  • Proprietary Products
  • Proprietary Custodian and Clearing
  • In-House Proprietary Research
  • Suitability Standards
  • Clouded
  • Employee
  • Inherent Conflicts
  • New Approach
  • Providing Comprehensive Advice
  • Professional Buyers of Securities
  • Professional Advisory Fees
  • Open Investment Access
  • Best Match Custodian and Clearing
  • Institutional Objective Research
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Transparent
  • Owner
  • Client Advocacy