Estate and Legacy Planning

    You’ve worked hard to provide for those who are important to you. Whether through unexpected events or simply the cycle of life, most folks want to be sure that their wishes are followed and directives properly followed when they pass.

    This goes beyond a proper estate design from a qualified attorney, it also involves a combination of proper asset titling, coordinated beneficiary designations, trust strategies, gifting strategies, philanthropy and tax minimization solutions. In fact, even beyond these things, there are consideration such as family dynamics, family governances and traditions that may help sustain wealth for multiple generations, and built a family culture around smart and sound ways to think about both personal and family finances.

    In coordination with your other professionals, we help assure that what you intent to occur becomes reality.

    Estate Planning in a Progressive World

    Here’s the story… the world has changed in many ways.

    The IRS views married couples as a single economic unit. When the first spouse dies, no estate taxes are due.  This is called the unlimited marital deduction.  For same-sex couples who live in a state where marriage is possible, this issue is less critical.

    However, if you are in a same sex relationship without marriage, when one partner in a same-sex couple dies, 100% of their joint assets titled at JTWROS (Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship) get counted towards estate tax bills unless you can prove contribution.  You need to take certain critical steps in advance.  (This is why your financial needs are unique.)  Ethos can help you to avoid these pitfalls.

                How can I protect my partner and/or my loved ones from hostile relatives?
                How do my partner or I avoid excessive taxes?
                How can I ensure that my assets go where I want them to go?

    Even if you do have a legally valid will, some relatives can still successfully contest same-sex partner’s inheritances.  We’ve seen it all.  Let the legal advisors associated Ethos show you how to avoid those traps, and be sure that your ultimate are fulfilled in the way you image.